Main Shower Types

With many different types of showers available on the market to purchase, there is a lot of choice. However, there are 4 types which are most popular; ELECTRIC SHOWERS, MIXER VALVES. POWER SHOWERS AND PUMPED SHOWERS.

Below is a brief explanation on each type.

Instant Electric

This type is considered to be the most popular as it offers hot water instantaneously. However, there are two different types to consider. One type is supplied by mains water and the other is supplied by gravity from a cold water storage tank from the loft space or attic. A gravity fed shower requires a pump to generate enough pressure for the shower to work, making it a bit more pricy than a mains supplied electric shower. In saying that, this type of shower is great in locations where the pressure of mains water is low. It is also great as the supply of water to the shower remains constant, even if water is turned on elsewhere, so you do not have to deal with the water switching from hot to cold.

Mixer Valves

Although there are many different mixer valve types, there are two main types; thermosatic and manual. Unlike electric showers these do not heat water instantly. Instead they blend cold water with hot water, heated from a different source, such as an oil or gas boiler.

A manual shower has hot and cold water supply to the unit. The water is then blended in the valve and then leaves through a fixed or adjustable shower head.

A thermostatic shower is the same except it also has a built in thermostat. This makes the valve able to adjust itself if another water source is turned on at the same time. This makes them more expensive because of the additional feature.

Power showers

A power shower is similar in looks to an electric shower because all of the components are stored inside a box which is placed on the wall. However, they work like a mixer valve with the benefit of a built in pump which can increase the pressure or volume of water travelling through it. You can get a manual or thermostatic version, but these do not heat water like an electric shower. Both hot and cold water are mixed inside the unit and then expensed through the head. You should know that this kind of shower can supply around 15 to 18 litres of water per minute, compared with an electric shower which can deliver around 5 litres of hot water every minute.

Pumped showers

A pumped shower means that a shower unit is mounted on the wall of the shower enclosure, but the pump for the shower is somewhere else. Perhaps in the attic or in an outhouse, but in most cases they are beside the cylinder in the hot press. If you are fitting a shower with body jets or a rain/drench type shower head then you should think about fitting in a larger pump to gain increased pressure or flow of water.

Remember that when you are fitting this kind of system in your home, you may need a bigger water tank and hot water tank in order to cope with the higher demand of water from these.